Purchase and lending of gold in our pawnshop in Berlin Charlottenburg and in Vienna

Urgent need of money? Bring your gold to our pawn shop!

The advantage is obvious. You can either sell or deposit your gold jewelry and we will lend you money for it.

Selling of gold – it is a good and fast way to get cash for your jewelry or old gold in Berlin or in Vienna. Our task is not only to evaluate your valuables in gold or silver, but to buy at the best possible gold prices. We offer you the current gold prices based on the daily rates.

How does the sale of gold or gold jewelry works?

Bring in your gold jewelry to our shops. We will evaluate it directly on the spot and in front of you. We will sort it according to the different alloys and assess its condition. Then we will make you an unbinding offer. If you agree with the offer we will buy your gold jewelry. If not, you will take it back and you do not need to pay anything for the service.

kostenlose Schätzung bpm Juwelier Goldankauf
Goldringe Goldschmied

If your juwelry is broken or there are missing parts you do not have to sell it immediately. Our goldsmiths will repair it and make the most of it!

From our years of experience we are able to provide you with expert recommendations and the decision is yours.

Come to us and convince yourself of our competence and reliability!

In „Juwelier & Leihhaus“ in Berlin Charlottenburg and in Vienna you can buy, sell or deposit your gold.

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